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ASTE Licensing of Systems Toolkit

The ASTE Department is an educational affiliate of Analytical Graphics, Inc. ( AGI has granted ASTE students the right to use Systems Toolkit (STK, formerly Satellite Toolkit) free of charge for educational purposes.

USC students taking ASTE classes or participating in ASTE student projects such as Rocket Lab or the Microsatellite Project can obtain an educational license to use STK on their own computers. (STK is a Windows-only program. For use on a Mac or Linux machine, a Windows virtual machine or dual boot must be set up.)

Following are instructions for installing and licensing STK. (Sign on for more details.)

  • Download STK Professional from and install it under the demo license. (The current licensing system requires STK version 12.4 or later.)
  • Send an email to Dan Erwin specifying the ASTE course or student project for which you plan to use STK. You will receive network licensing instructions.
  • To run STK your machine will need access to the USC network, for example by connecting to the USC Secure Wireless if on campus or using the USC VPN if off campus.